Copyright 2005 Tom Ludvigson. All rights reserved.


The research on which this study is based was carried out with the aid of a scholarship from the New Zealand University Grants Committee. Additional funding was provided by the Swedish National Council for Social Research, the Lars Hierta Memorial Trust, and the University of Auckland Research Committee. The Research Committee also funded a three months visit to New Zealand for one of my informants from my field area. For all this financial support I am most grateful.

The people of central Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu allowed me to live among them, and provided ethnographic information and companionship during my seventeen months in their area. I thank them all for their patience and generosity. My hosts at Truvos, on the south-east side of the upper Ari valley, deserve a special mention, in particular Lisa of Kuvutana, who made me a member of his household for most of my time there.
Ku meze! Kamalai komororo iniku.

I owe a special debt to my supervisors at the Department of Anthropology, Dr Nancy Bowers, Professor Ralph Bulmer and Dr Anne Salmond. Without their encouragement and untiring assistance this work would never have been completed.

Several people read and commented on earlier drafts of some of the chapters: Susan Freeman, Patricia Kinloch, Phoebe Look, Marjorie Sprecher, Claudia Tattersfield, Steven Webster, Barbara Wilkie and Julie Viviariae. Mike Goldsmith edited the manuscript, Nigel Baumber and Robert Mann assisted with proofreading, and Sue Stenner typed it. Drs Orchard and Gowers helped with identification of plant specimens. I owe them all great thanks for their interest and help. Mary Ludvigson re-typed the manuscript for electrronic publication. Thank you all very much!