Welcome to the Tom Ludvigson Research website!

The objective of the site is to offer easy access to media products that have accrued from my thirty years as a practicing social anthropologist. Here you will find background information, photos, writing, and links to related sites and media.  Initially, I'll use this page as a bit of a blog while I build the site, to tell you about plans and updates.

Latest updates:

Added a page with links to some published transport research that I did working with Transport Engineering Research New Zealand (TERNZ) Ltd.

Completed turning the last two chapters on 'Kleva' into hypertext (there are a lot of internal links featured in those last chapters as they keep referring back to earlier material in the analysis). Also completed my update of the slide shows. This means that this first stage of publishing my Vanuatu research is complete - my PhD thesis is now on the website in its entirety.

In the future I intend to add other writings that have emerged from this initial field research in central Espiritu Santo. I may also add some recordings of folk tales (Bislama and Kiai) and songs. It may be some time before this takes place, though : - )

Added another two slide shows from my most recent scans.

Added another two chapters.

Added Chapter 3 about my second field trip to Santo.

Recast the structure again, so that photos and text come in separate sub-menus. Added Chapter 2 about my first field trip to Santo.

Re-cast the site structure. Posted lots more photos.

Added Chapter 1: Background and the Bibliography. I'm working on a system of pop-up footnotes, learning javascript as I go : - ). I have also scanned another bunch of black and white photos from 1974, so I'll post them next!

Began posting my PhD thesis Kleva: Some Healers in Central Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. Apart from a title page with a list of contents, I posted sections devoted to a Dedication, Acknowledgements, an Abstract, and the Prologue. Also added link to a page featuring film soundtracks that I have composed and produced, with lots of sample music to listen to, and a link to my music bio (you'll find the links at the bottom of this page).

Added a page with photos from my field research in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. I spent 17 months 1974-76 in the mountainous interior of south central Santo. I was doing was research towards a doctorate in social anthropology, studying local languages and customs, with a particular focus on the kleva - local healers credited with powers beyond the ordinary. It is my intention to gradually publish my PhD thesis on this site. I expect it will be bit by bit, as it comprises 400 typed pages, and only some of it is in electronic form (I'll have to get busy with a scanner and OCR software...)

Just starting out, while experimenting with Rapidweaver - making the first version of this page!


Jazzscore is a website where you can access numerous high quality mp3s of music produced by Trip to the Moon, Alloy, Bluespeak, and the Inner City Jazz Workshop - all ongoing music projects that I have been involved with for a number of years, and all featuring my own compositions, including some collaborative works.

DJAlloy Rants and Raves is my blog site where I have been storing web links of all kinds for going on a year now.

Tom Ludvigson Filmscores is a site that features film soundtracks that I have composed and produced over the last decade. This site also houses my music bio.